Live Review: Fever Queen/ Bestman/ Bardo/ Anti Beyond (12/15) @ Subterranean

Four local bands came together on Thursday, December 15th at Subterranean for the release of Anti/Beyond’s first full-length self-titled album. The brutally cold night was filled with a diverse group of artists exploring various genres ranging from synth pop to hip-hop.

The night opened with the debut performance of the duo Fever Queen made up of Eleanor Rose and Adam Wayne. Their psychedelic rock sound was composed by a blend of bass, keys, guitar and vocals. While Rose’s harsh vocals were definitely on point with feminine grunge, there was something about the live keys that added a bit of 80s pop to the tunes (along with their all white getup). For a first time performance, the band was musically well put together. A bit more work on stage presence and utilizing space and they’ll be sure to draw a loyal following in no time.

The 80s theme really took charge with the synth pop group Bestman. The band, headed by vocalist and instrumentalist Brian Clouthier, played through a number of their hits, all of which revolved around the theme of girls, according to Clouthier. They also treated fans to a great deal of new songs including “Night Eyes” and “August”; both of which were filled with catchy licks and ear bending lines. They closed out their set with “Worry”, a fun and electric favorite that feels like the perfect theme song to any John Hughes’ classic.

Bardo changed up the show with a mix of hip-hop, R&B and funk. The instrumental lines were colorful, putting forth a needed fullness to the overall songs. If anything stood out about the singer and producer (aside from his musicianship), it was his ability to pump up a crowd. His constant interaction with audience members kept energies high as he hopped about the stage. The set included a number of guest pop-ins including Fever Queen’s Eleanor Rose and two talented trombone players who took a portion of their show time dueling.

Finally, closing out the show was the band everyone was there to support: Anti/Beyond. The alternative rock group had a delicateness to their music; a beautiful contrast between the airiness of  Andrew Masters’ vocals against the heaviness of the drums and guitar. The touch of keys brought in a realm of psychedelics. Overall, their show was peacefully energetic and a solid way to introduce their latest self-titled release.

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