Live Review: Church Booty/Tara Terra/Faintlife (7/1) @ Elbo Room

The members of Church Booty took the stage of Elbo Room on Saturday, July 1st and announced that Church Booty was no more. In the midst of releasing a new EP, expected in August 2017, the band will be operating under a new name that has yet to be announced to the public.

The night’s news called for a celebration, and Church Booty did not disappoint. Their energetic performance covered a number of the band’s past tunes as well as upcoming singles filled with funky beats, electric sax and impressive vocal deliverance. Their sound is mature and songs clearly crafted, but they hold some jam band elements with long instrumental lines and of improvisations. All in all, they’re professionals when it comes to putting on a show, leaving audiences without disappointment as they end their time as Church Booty.

Opening the night’s showcase was the Chicago-based trio Faintlife. They seamlessly played from song to song without breaking for dialogue, or even much room for applause. However, the endless stream of music made for a sensational listening experience. They built fullness within their music with various electronics and effects, yet their sound wasn’t necessarily electronic, more on the side of psychedelic.

The bill also included a performance from Tara Terra. As anyone knows who’s seen the band live, their performance is truly a treat. The indie rock band holds a library of catchy tunes complete with finely crafted guitar lines and fun hooks all underlying the eccentric vocals of Emily Blue. There’s a richness to Blue’s vocals, something sweet and powerful, that was nicely complemented by Church Booty’s vocalist Mariel Fechik as she was invited on stage for a song. The group’s engagement with the audience was endearing, playing on the intimacy of the space and also the general likability of the band.

Find out when all three bands perform next by visiting their websites and following them on social media.

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