Profile: Ryan Herrick

Staying silent during a politically charged state strums many artists as difficult, especially when they view surrounding actions of their government and peers as immoral. After the pipeline crisis in Standing Rock and spending time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Chicago-based folk singer Ryan Herrick saw an opportunity in his art; to use his music as a catalyst for change. On Earth Day 2017, Herrick buckled down for a day at Kingsize Sound Labs with engineer John Abbey to record his third album Sagitta, out for release on Friday, September 15 with a show at Edgewater’s Uncommon Ground.

Named after the Latin word for “arrow”, Herrick views the songs making up Sagitta as arrows; arrows of thought to be directed at people in power or people under the illusion that they are in power. Herrick explains that these songs, or arrows, can also be a light on into the world, a moment of intention.

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Q&A: Rakunk

The holidays are right around the corner, and what’s a better way to celebrate and wrap up the year than a charity show at one of Chicago’s iconic venues? On December 13th, House of Blues will be hosting Let’s Rock The Bells: A Holiday Benefit Concert. Audience members are encouraged to bring a toy to donate to the Marine’s Toys For Tots while enjoying a mix of rock performances from local  bands including Chicago’s own Rakunk.

The four piece band has spent the past year working to perfect a unique sound that dances somewhere between modern rock and pop. Their first EP Rakunk is compiled of rock heavy tunes such as “Writing With A Knife” and “Banged Up”. Since then the band has blended with the realm of pop with catchy singles “Trillionaire” and “Turn the Power On”. With plans to release a few new compilations, the band sat down to share some secrets on writing captivating song and developing a signature sound. Plus, they were generous enough to give some tips on picking up chicks (it includes business cards and great facial hair, obviously).

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Q&A: Railway Gamblers


Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, Railway Gamblers is a predominantly Americana four-piece consisting of vocalist and guitarist Brendan Folliard, guitarist Matt Fricks, bassist Joe Sexton and drummer Sean Wilmsen. After the success of their first album Heart of the Sun the boys have once again partnered with engineer Mike Hagler of Kingsize Sound Labs to record their second full length album Shadow of the Moon, which is set for release in early January 2016.

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