Q&A: Sexy Fights

Resting on the corner of Schubert and Kildare stands Kildare Studios; a 35,000 square foot warehouse and rehearsal home to artists across Chicago’s west side. Outside, on this particular day, stands Sexy Fights‘ synth player Phillip Shoemaker, our guide through the studio’s maze of endlessly winding hallways. With a few hundred twists and turns, Shoemaker enters a room to join bandmates drummer Bryan Hart, guitarist Russell Augustine and vocalist Jordan Rose Brzezinski.

After perfecting their sound and releasing their debut album, Too Far Out, the synth-driven psychedelic rock band is ready to draw in their much-deserved attention. In preparation for their upcoming show on June 23rd at Beat Kitchen, Listen Live and Local sat with the group to discuss their music, possible touring plans, smoke machines and glitter.

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