Listen Live and Local is a Chicago-based webzine focused on bringing readers the best in local music. Since launching in December 2015, we’ve been working to continuously evolve into a go-to source for music fans and Chicago musicians. In addition to showcasing Chicago’s up-and-coming musicians, Listen Live and Local works to connect industry professionals as well as provide resources to new and established bands in the city.

Learn more about Listen Live and Local by viewing the information below. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at listenliveandlocal [at] gmail.com. While we are always happy to speak with artists, producers, labels, venues and fans; we do ask for your patience in responding.

What does it mean to be Chicago-based? Chances are, if you consider your band to be Chicago-based, we will do. It’s simple: Chicago-based bands are those that regularly perform, rehearse and record in the Chicagoland area (yes, that includes the suburbs).

My band just released a new EP/Album. Will you guys review it for a post? Possibly. Listen Live and Local accepts album and EP submissions from Chicago-based bands of all genres. While we love being exposed to new music, all album submissions must be of new music that has yet to be released. We cannot guarantee every submission will be reviewed, but we promise to do our best to listen to and respond to every submission. If we do not choose to write about a submission, we may share it via social media for our #MusicMonday.

All EP or Album submissions can be sent to listenliveandlocal [at] gmail.com with the following information:
-band name
–band members and respective instruments
–name of album
–album release date
–date of release show (if applicable)
–album photo (for publication)
–any additional info on the album
–music in the form of a private SoundCloud playlist, mp3 files or dropbox link.

If you’d like a member of Listen Live and Local to review an upcoming show, provide us with the following:
-band name
–show lineup
–show date, time and place.
While we will not be able to attend every show, we will be more than happy to share all show information via Twitter. Please note that the show must be in the city of Chicago (no suburb shows) and must have a primary Chicago-based lineup.

What is #MusicMonday?  Every Monday Listen Live and Local dedicates a social post to a local band playing a show that week. All submissions will be shared via Twitter. However, only one band will be featured on our Facebook/Instagram. If you’d like to be considered for a #MusicaMonday post, please provide us with the following:
-band name
–upcoming show (please note the show must be in the city of Chicago. No suburb shows)
–latest video/single
–information on an upcoming show
–PR photo & photo credit if applicable

I’m interested in a featured band/musician/project. Can you put me in contact with them? Possibly. We value the privacy of the artists we work with, therefor we are unable to provide any personal contact information unless given the permission to do so. If you’re a working band or musician looking to collaborate with someone we’ve featured, we’re happy to pass along your info/request, but we can’t promise they’ll respond.

Are you looking for any freelance writers/photographers? As much as we would love to hire as many writers and photographers as possible, it’s simply not in our budget and we don’t believe in the “exposer” line because it’s bullshit and not a reason to work for free. That being said, if you’re interested in a voluntary position because you’re passionate about the Chicago music scene, feel free to send us an email!

Still have some questions? Send us an email at listenliveandlocal@gmail.com.